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Winged Penguins game review

It was a warm and silent evening when out of a sudden, 2 players came flying out of nowhere and charge into battle for conquering the sky! Those skilled pilots were far from being humans, but close to being the Winged Penguins, flightless lords over the entire sky! Their enchanted aerial abilities combined with loads military flying experience, makes the Winged Penguins to be the most lethal things at night, and today you have the chance to becoming one of them. Pick your plane and upgrade its stats before entering the dogfight event and blast down your enemy! Good luck!

Player 1: WASD to fly, Z to use Machine Gun, X to launch rockets and Space bar to Eject the winged penguin. Player 1: Arrow keys to fly, O to use Machine Gun, P to launch rockets and Shift to Eject the winged penguin.

Winged Penguins Take To The Night Sky

In the middle of beautiful summer evening, begins a battle that will wage for many hours to come. Unseen by the human eye, the penguins have managed to commandeer a flight of fighter jets, which they use to become the Winged Penguins. Once these birds take off, there is nothing that can stop them. From their aerial perches, they look down into the inky sky. Soon enough, there will be a battle that will decide which one of them will become the emperor of the air.

These penguins are nothing like anybody has ever imagined, with their majestic aura and skilled flight maneuvers. Once they begin a dogfight, nothing will stop them until the other surrenders or is defeated. Winged Penguins is a game that mixes an aura of Dogfighting games along with strategy and shooting skills to create a brand new experience for players.


Winged Penguins starts off by introducing the battlefield. Before starting the first level, players must choose their planes and make the necessary upgrades to it. These will help the Penguin pilots to keep their steeds in good shape and get the leverage. There are three difficulty levels available for players, which can be selected before the level starts.

The game begins with two planes gunning for each other. Players need to get ten points in order to advance to the next level. For this, they must shoot at the enemy plane and get it to suffer damage or crash. This is where the game starts to get tricky. It takes the skill of aiming and flying at the same time in order to shoot straight, on top of which the other aircraft is flying in random patterns. It takes a little time to get the hang of it. While playing the game, players have an option to restart the entire level if they want to. They can also eject the penguin pilot out in the case of a crash.

The graphic design of the game should be appreciated for sure, seeing how detailed and rich it is. The feeling of being in a dogfight comes across splendidly, as does the mystery of the night.  This is a two-player game, but the single player mode works just as well and is great for a round of practice.


Although the control scheme of Winged Penguins is simple enough, controlling the plane takes time to learn. However, once the skill is understood, then it becomes relatively simple to fly and shoot at the same time.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to fly.
  • Player two can use the Arrow keys for the same.
  • The Z key / O key will launch the machine gun.
  • The X key / P key will launch the rockets.
  • The Space Bar / Shift key will eject the Penguin.


Winged Penguins is definitely worthy of some praise and gets a three and half star rating while at it. Much of the credit goes to the graphic design and overall gameplay. However, there is equal credit to be given to the skill set needed to win at the game and the continuous learning curve.

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