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Are you ready to put your flood escaping skills on the ultimate test? Then Wave Lucha is the most challenging 2 players game that will strive to drawn you! Prepare yourself for never ending running adventure for highscore where climbing on walls will slow you down, collecting shiny coins will boost your score and running on platforms will extend your life for a while. Call your best friend and enjoy testing your skills by playing the 2 player game mode. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD to move and jump, Player 2: Arrow keys to move and jump. P to pause the game.

Run, Climb, Jump Away From The Water In Wave Lucha

An incoming wave of water threatens to flood the arena and the only way to survive is to keep running and climbing ahead. To be able to escape, players must have the skills to keep ahead of this body of water, in one of the more difficult games known as Wave Lucha. Definitely one of the better two-player challenges on the flash gaming portal, Wave Lucha offers up a chance to go head t head in the death-defying feat of escaping from the highest of tides.

Designed for both single player and two-player


Wave Lucha is an adventure flash game, which ropes in the skill sets of running and climbing alongside. Players have to run on a series of platforms that differ in height and have to be scaled by way of jumping and climbing. However, here comes the entertaining twist in the tale. Players must choose wisely, since climbing walls will decrease the running speed and make the flood come upon them even faster. On top of that, players must also collect coins in order to set a high score.

Finding a straight platform to run on increases the chances of survival as the speed pushes players through. Still, the tides can be treacherous and can drown the players at any given time. Wave Lucha manages to combine the use of skills with a strategy well enough to make the game an entertaining play. Playing in the single mode is a great way to work up a strategy and enhance the skills needed to set up a high score that cannot be broken. But the fun of challenging a friend also makes the game a great way to spend time.

As far as graphics are concerned, there is little to praise or turn down. They suit the nature of the game and have incorporated the name into the character design. Other than that, the music fits well into the scheme of things and adds a dimension of interest to the game.


Even though Wave Lucha requires fanciful finger work, the control scheme has been designed keeping ease of use in mind. This earns a brownie point, since it allows players to have a better grip on their characters.

  • Players can climb on the walls by combining the Jump function with the Move Forward function.
  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move about and jump.
  • Player two can use the Arrow key combination for the same.
  • The game can be paused with the P key.
  • The game can be muted with the M key
  • The game can be quit with the Esc key.


Wave Lucha deserves four stars out of five. It is has all of the positive qualities of a flash game and preserves a sense of uniqueness.

  • The first star is for incorporating two different skill sets into one game.
  • The second is for the design and using Luchas as the main character.
  • Star number three is for the complementing graphics and music.
  • The fourth is for the overall design and construction of them game.

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