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The world as we once know it as peaceful and safe, is now falling apart in ruins, explosions and chaos! You must posses great running skills, so you could try to make your Ultimate Escape out of this chaotic mess! Featuring 2 players game mode, lots of floating coins that are awaiting to be picked, polished and pixel enchanted graphics, competing sound and intensive running game play, your running skills will be ultimately tested today!

Player 1: WASD to move, dash, jump and double jump. Player 2: Arrow keys to move, dash, jump and double jump. P to pause.

Find The Ultimate Escape From Chaos!

Once the world we lived in was a peaceful land, filled with happiness. But now, the peace has shattered and the safety of our land has been compromised. Civilization is falling apart, and the ruins of humanity are everywhere. Explosions and chaos dominate the landscape, and escaping seems impossible. Ultimate Escape is the perfect way in which players can test their skills and strategy in order to run away from the world in ruins.

While most online flash games seem to pick between storyline and action, Ultimate Escape has combined the two in order to create an ultimate game. Players are gifted with excellent running skills that are the best weapon in the post-apocalyptic world that we see in the game. However, the best feature of the game happens to be the inclusion of a two-player mode along with an option of single-player as well. Spend days and nights practicing the moves before inviting friends over for a game and setting the high score.


Ultimate Escape features the basic elements of all adventure games. There is a character that must survive against all odds. Coins are scattered throughout the world and must be collected. Enemies and obstacles lurk at every corner and it takes a skilled hand to evade all of them. It might seem simple enough, but the coins tend to keep moving around in the air. Even the obstacles can suddenly change their position just to trip up the players.

The game features delightful graphics, which have been designed in a pixel version to create the feel of the 8 Bit eras. Ultimate Escape scores on the music front, and has incorporated sound effects seamlessly.


Since the game can be played in the both the two-player and single-player mode, the controls are keyboard based and fairly simple. Younger players and first timers need not worry, since they will be adapt to the game fairly quickly.

• Player one can use the W-A-S-D combination in order to jump up, move back, jump down and move forward.

• Player two can use the Arrow keys for the same.

• Players have to jump to reach the coins and can change their direction in mid-air.

• If a player collides into an obstacle, the game starts from the beginning. There are no save points in the middle.

• The aim is to reach the highest score possible.

For a running flash game, Ultimate Escape packs in quite a bit of charm along with a great experience. This gives a definite boost.


Ultimate Escape earns four out of five stars for all the diligent effort it shows. The first star is awarded to the storyline, which is basic yet compelling. The second star goes to the graphics and music, keeping the game constantly entertaining. The third star goes to the in-game mechanics, which are smooth enough to be manageable in a two-player mode. Finally, the fourth star goes to the single-player enabled mode that helps in practicing.

It misses out on one star because the overall design could have included a few more combinations and perks within the game.

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