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The Final Boss game review

Granted with only one live and able to be accompanied by your fellow shooter, this 2 players shooting game puts you on the ultimate challenge to meat and try to defeat The Final Boss! Burst in this fast-paced action game where the force of gravity is your closest ally, and your only goal is to destroy the final boss. Shoot without interruptions as you struggle to destroy the incoming time bomb and jump to avoid the solid obstacles. Have fun!

Player 1: A to jump and S to shoot, Player 2: Up Arrow key to jump and Right Arrow key to shoot. P to pause the game.

Who Can Defeat The Final Boss?

Most games make things simpler for players by giving them three lives in the beginning. Others grant a single life but the opportunity to earn more later on in the game. In the Final Boss, players have only life with which they must traverse this unforgiving world and defeat their worst enemy – the final boss.

Taking off from the popular video game trope, The Final Boss introduces a minimal number of enemies and obstacles for the players. However, all of them have been designed in a manner sure to test hand-eye coordination to the fullest. The game is fairly well paced, with obstacles coming in an unpredictable sequence. It can be played in both one player and two-player mode.


The Final Boss is set in a straight run universe, where the players are pushed forward of their own accord. They cannot stop at any point of time but can change their gravity and move from the bottom level to the upper level. Obstacles are present in the form of time bombs and protrusions from the floor. While the time bombs can be shot, the protrusions have to be avoided by changing the gravity.

It takes two shots to destroy the bombs, failing which the player dies and the game ends. It takes some major hand-eye coordination in order to time the change of gravity along with the shooting just right. Other than these, there are discs throughout the levels that can be collected. Put together, all of this impacts the overall Boss Health, which is crucial in defeating the Final Boss at the end.

The music of the game is not much, so it would be better to mute it before starting. Other than that, the graphics have been designed quite nicely. However, there isn’t much inside the game to highlight them or make them stand out.


The Final Boss comes with a simplified control scheme that takes no more than a few minutes to master. With some fancy finger work, getting a high score and defeating the final boss is an easy task.

  • Player one can use the A key to switch gravity and the S key to shoot.
  • Player two can use the Up key to switch gravity and the Right key to shoot.
  • The M key mutes the sound effects and music.
  • The P key pauses the game.
  • The Esc key ends the game.


The Final Boss earns only three out of five stars. Although there are certain things about it that are stellar, the flaws leave a lot to be thought about and perhaps introduced in a sequel.

  • The first star is given for the overall design and gameplay.
  • The second star is for the control scheme and the fluidity of movements.
  • Star number three is earned because of the difficulty level of the game.

The Final Boss loses out in the two-player mode, since the game ends even if one of the players dies. Allowing the second to continue would have added another dimension to the game and bumped it up to a classic shooter

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