Tank Wars Arena

Tank Wars Arena game review

Brace yourself tank drivers and get ready to travel back in time to the shooting era of classic Tank games!! Face against your enemies alone, or call your best friend to enjoy playing the 2 players game mode, pick the desired difficulty level, get inside the military tanks and rush towards victory! In this new shooting game there can be only one side as winner. Do your best to become a winner, otherwise suffer the consequences of losing the war!

Player 1: WASD keys, H key to shoot. Player 2: Arrow keys, L key to shoot. P to pause.

Tank Wars Arena Game Review

The tank wars game is back with new age action and 2 player games mode. Remember how we played tank war games and never seem to get tired of it? Well the good old days are back. Get ready to have some fighting action against the tanks in a battle. Strap up and be ready for this latest shooting game that can be played alone or have a buddy to play with and double the fun!

Game Play

Just hop onto your military trucks, adjust the difficulty level and be ready to wage a war. There is no other option but to emerge as a winner. You have to be active and protect your base from enemy tanks. Also kill all the hostiles before they kill you to level up. When you have a friend as an enemy in this game of tank wars, you enjoy the 2player action far more. Choose from 3 difficulty levels at the beginning of the game and be ready to have some explosive fun!

The controls are simple and easy to manage. If you are playing single player, the just navigate with the arrow keys and shoot with the help of space bar. But if you choose to play in a two player mode, then your controls will be arrow keys and WASD to navigate and “L” or “H” key to shoot.


The game of Tank wars arena is a welcome addition to the flash game two player series. It is obviously fun and engaging and easy to play with a comprehensible game play. The controls are also simple so can easily get your hands set. The only flaw, however, with the game is that the walls in the game way too close to each other and restrict easy movement after some time. Also, there is too much happening at the same time after a while of playing, you feel uncomfortable with the controls.

The AI needs a little improvisation and the tanks need a little more room to walk around and about. The music in the background was very much in sync with the theme but gets a little repetitive after some time so make use of the mute buttons! The beauty of the game lies in its combat. The weapons or the shooting of the bullets has some explosive action which has a very liberating feeling to the overall tank wars objective.

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