Super Dash

Super Dash game review

We are glad to present you the Super Dash, new 2 players game where your diamond collecting skills will be tested. Jump from platform to platform, as you collect diamonds and avoid the falling bombs. Anytime when a golden star appears on screen, immediately try to collecting so you could obtain a super bonus that will either surround you in anti-bomb barrier, grant you magnetic abilities to attract all gems on screen, triggering a diamond rain or even exploding all bombs on screen. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD to move and jump, Player 2: Arrow keys to move and jump. P to pause the game.

Super Dash game review

Diamonds are not only a girls’ best friend but also a guy who likes to collect diamonds in this new flash game. This new 2 player game of Super Dash tests your skills to collect as many diamonds as possible. Avoid any obstacles that the game throws in front of you. Live longer and master the game as you move ahead from one level to another. Use WASD/arrow keys to move and jump for both the players respectively.

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In this game of Super Dash lets you collect diamonds in its interesting game play. You have to jump from one platform to another and avoid all the falling bombs. You have to keep an eye out for golden stars when they appear on the screen you have to collect them almost immediately. Once you succeed in collecting the power up, which will give you powers like an anti bomb barrier, grant you a magnetic ability to collect diamonds automatically as you move near them. You can also trigger a diamond rain to collect more diamonds. You can get another power to explode bombe before they hit you. This simple bonus will help you move through the levels till the end to claim victory!


The game play is so simple that it is almost an enticing game to play. You can start to play at an expert level almost from the beginning of the game. The power ups are very interesting that makes the collecting of the golden stars an incentive to stay long enough to keep moving in the game one level after another. The graphics are nice and are pleasing to the player as he moves seamlessly across the backdrop collecting the diamonds. You will find the game highly addictive and you will almost compel to keep playing through to the end. So grab a friend enter a new found quest of diamonds.

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