Spitwad game review

Chew a bit paper, grab the Spitwad weapon and start taking down your opponents. The winner will be the person with most wins and on each three rounds.

Spitwad – Game Review

A kid’s game built on a flash platform, Spitwad is a fun game where you have to hit your opponents with a spit balls through this weapon and hit as many as possible to win the game. You can play a 2 [layer mode to challenge a friend in this amazing game of hitting balls. These spit balls are being thrown all across the room to escape you and hit another kid. The whole idea is to hit the opponent before he hits you. But it is not as simple as it sounds. The classroom is huge and you have to shoot at the right angle to get the hit!

Game Play

The game play of spitwad is easy to understand. You are in a classroom with no teacher present or the teacher is too busy to look at what you are doing. So hit your classmates with the crazy spit balls while prevent yourself from being hit. If you to manage to hit 5 opponents in the next 3 rounds to qualify for the next level or the next opponent. The final match is between you and the biggest bully of the class!

The controls are easy. Just use your mouse to aim and shoot at the target to score a point. Aim for the head for more points when hitting the students. It will get more score than hitting the rest of the body or the legs!


The spitwad is a nice and fun game that can be played for hours at a stretch. One will not feel bored because of the challenge in the game. This is not an average game where you hit unrelentingly. It can be in fact tricky to attack your opponents as the classroom is big and you hit as well as save yourself from being hit. The one to get 5 shots first wins.

It is a 2 player game and can be played with a friend for an added measure of fun and challenge in the class. It is safe to say that spitwad is indeed a great game that you can play for a long time and will not feel the pinch of being bored. Enjoy hitting your class with spit balls and be the first to hit atleast 5 of them!

Other recommendations

2PG has a lot of 2player games for kids to play and enjoy online. You can also try to play Can fighters which is just as much fun as the spitwad and can be just as challenging as well. This game is about 2 kids playing in their backyard with a can. You have to hit your opponent by kicking the can before your opponent hits you. It may seem simple but it will take a lot of time before you can master the game. Just be careful when kicking that can. You can hit your opponent but you can also health if you hit the anvil by mistake. So watch out and enjoy!

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