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Space Punk Racer game review

Driving on a futuristic hover-hybrid, always wearing rebel style and funky hairstyle, here comes the Space Punk Racer! Hovering around space,competing with other racers from the entire galaxy, your job is to outsmart and outrun them all, leaving them behind as you rush towards claiming the next gold medal. Featuring super polished pixelated graphics, lots of in-gameachievements, expensive but quite helpful garage shop and few dozens of different stages, the race for the best super punk racer hast just started! Have fun! Arrow keys to move, X to boost, Z for shockwave, P to pause.

Space Punk Racer – Game Review

How about a drive in a futuristic hybrid hover bird? The very name sounds like fun. The space Punk Racer is just that! Your character is rebellious and funky and is hovering around the space competing racers from galaxies other than his and all you have to do is to outrun them and outsmart them in this witty game of racing in the space. There is a lot of action in the game for 2 players. So don’t let there be a slip in fun. Just get your buddy and start a race across the space.

Game Play

Your character has to win a race with other racers. The game play sounds very limited. But the fun starts when you find out that your character is a funky rebellious space guy who is hovering around the space in his hybrid hover bird and is outwitting racers from other galaxies. Suddenly the fun quotient has gone up several notches and the game sounds more playable.
You have 8 new environments to unlock, many achievements and garage to help you upgrade your racer. Just get ready to race the other space goons and claim your gold medal of victory before anyone else does. Use simple arrow keys to navigate the racer, x to boost the racer and z for a shockwave. So get ready for some space action.


The game play is pixilated and the controls are easy to maneuver. There is a lot interesting action, many new levels and not to mention the upgrades that makes your racer super awesome. The game concept is fresh and one seems to be sold at the very idea of racing in space.
Even though the developers have done the best they could to make this game fun, which it is, but a little tweaking a thing or two will make it even more popular. There seems to be less challenge in the game so after sometime it seems endless. It is good to have levels after levels, there is nothing better than an unending fun flash game, but the levels have to include some measure of increased difficulty.
Overall, a game that deserves a shot and better still if player in a 2player mode because racing is twice as much fun when it is between you and your buddy who pretty much beats you at everything but you own him in a game of Space Punk Racer.

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