Snake Fight Arena

Snake Fight Arena game review

For all those who really enjoyed playing as snakes and eating all kinds of fruits, well, this 2 players game is super improved and styled version of that all! Welcome to the Snake Fight Arena game! Pick your playing mode and starting eating your enemies, devouring whole fruits, collecting powerups and having lots of surviving fun!

Player 1: WASD to move, Player 2: Arrow keys to move. P to pause the game.

Snake Fight Arena game review

When we were kids we played pretty much all the games that were about snakes and fruits. If you are someone who is stuck in a time warp and still enjoys the same old action, well this one might just be right for you. The 2 player game Snake fight Arena is as interesting as it gets. There is lot of action, adventure and freshness for an old concept. Just select the mode you are most comfortable in and devour all the enemies who try to block your way. Do keep an eye out for all the fruits and power ups to make the game more fun!

 Game play

The game play self explanatory as the name suggests. You have to be in the arena eat all the snakes and move to the next level. As you move forward in the game, your pace increases, length increases and the game becomes confusing as you have to stay away from the boundaries and keep eating fruits and power ups for as long as possible. You can select from 3 different game modes – single player, 2 player co-op and 2 payer vs battle. You also have 2 difficulty levels to choose from. Thus one is a far cry from the original snake battle game as you now have an opponent, keep yourself from collapsing, fight off the enemy and still gain more points.

You will be amazed at the concept how the snakes battle within themselves to reclaim the honour of reigning king. You can either play alone or have a buddy play up against you to create more challenge in the game. This one single simple game can give you a lot of challenge when you ar pitted against a buddy who makes you lose all the street fighting games. This is your chance to get back at him!


This game of Snake Fight Arena is like the old snakes fighting game but with a twist of a 2 player game. You are met with greater challenges and there is obviously far more to do in this one than the old basic versions. The game play is strong and so are the graphics. It is very high paced and you will move from one level to another with a relatively higher intensity.

This game is fun and very engaging. A perfect 2 player game that really involves both the players and a far more interesting battle than a mere street fighting action. You also have to keep an eye on the power ups and fruits that will earn you more points. The music is pretty awesome that fits the theme of the game perfectly and despite its simplicity you will yourself enjoying this one immensely.

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