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Sky Knight 2 game review

The long awaited dogfight and most intensive aerial battle among different aircraft shooters and military styles among the humanity, enchanted with 2 players game mode, pixelated retro graphics and envied in stunning music, named and known among the skilled military pilots as Sky Knight 2, has finally arrived! Take down your enemies in classic flying shooter game where your enemies grant you coins and purchasing new weapons will prepare you for the following battles. Have fun! Player 1: WASD to move, M to shoot and N to throw bombs. Player 2: Mouse to move and shoot, Enter key to throw bombs. Use the Space bar to Pause the game and open the in game Shop.

Ride The Dogfights With Sky Knights 2!

Fighting off the Red Baron is possibly one of the most intense aerial battles ever recounted by a soldier. Airplane to airplane combat was known as Dogfights back in the day and held a special kind of awe. Exchanging aerial fire is always a great way to start the day, even if it is in a game. Which is why players should be delighted to play a few rounds of Sky Knight 2, which recreates the feeling of being surrounded by enemy planes from all directions perfectly.

There are many different aircraft that come battering upon the players in the game. Although they cannot fire, a direct hit can cause some pretty serious damage to the players. With a keen eye and quick hand, players have to zigzag their way through the onslaught and collect as many coins as possible.


Players start the game with their own aircraft. Enemy planes start to swoop in almost immediately, starting the epic battle. This is a classic shooting game, relying on speed and direction in order to survive. When an enemy plane has been shot down, it gives the players a coin. The mission is to collect as many coins as possible and survive in this endless world.

A winning part of the game is the dedication that has been put into the graphic design. While the 8-bit look recreates the feel of an arcade game, the music keeps the adrenaline rush going. The enemy planes have been designed quite wonderfully, keeping in the mind the planes back during the war. There are many different kinds of aircraft that come in, out of which certain ones have to be shot down by a bomb.

There is also an In-Game shop available, for upgrades and other power-ups. Other than that, there is a tremendous amount of fun to be had in the game, whether it is played in the one-player or the two-player mode. Sky Knights 2 creates the feeling of being trapped in a dogfight in a way that makes the game both engaging and addictive at the same time.


Sky Knights 2 requires some fancy handiwork in order to keep the planes flying. Aerial battles have the advantage of quick movement, something that the control scheme has been able to execute wonderfully.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move up, down, right and left.
  • Player two can use the mouse or touchpad for the same.
  • Player one can use the M key to shoot at the enemy and the N key to throw bombs.
  • Player two can use the mouse button to shoot and the Enter key to throw bombs.
  • Players can use the Space Bar to pause the game and open the In-Game shopping menu.


A lot of hard work has gone into the making of Sky Knights 2 and it reflects clearly in the game. With excellent graphics and solid design, the game deserves a four and half star rating out of five.

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