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Hey remember the arcade? Yes, it was the place where we used to go as kids to play different games such as pinball, space invaders and Pac Man. I don’t know about you but I loved to go to the arcade to try my hands out on the different kind of space shooters. Back then, space was still a mystery and it just felt awesome flying through it, in your spaceship defeating any enemy that was unfortunate enough to get in the sight of your blasters.

It just feels good to know that I’m not the only one out there who yearns for those memories of the past. With games like Nitrome Must Die and Battle City Tank those memories can be refreshed at any instant of time. To add to the list of retro games, there also is the space arcade shooter, Shameless Clone 2.

The game has no plot what so ever to speak of which kind of is consistent with all the age old games. Back then developers were more focused on making the game and didn’t really bother on the story line of the games. I mean seriously, even Mario had the same story line in each of its parts. It was the gameplay of the game that made it so famous.


1The gameplay of the game is quite simple; you have to pass each stage shooting down as many enemies as you can. At the end of each stage you encounter a boss, which takes more than a few hits to kill and also dishes out a lot of damage as well.

There are a total of 5 worlds that you can play, with each progressive world bringing different new and stronger enemies to your screen. Oh and before you wonder, in Shameless Clone 2 you don’t really have a spaceship that you’re controlling. Instead, you have a choice to pick from 5 avatars. Each of these avatars not only differs in their sprites but also have different attack animations as well.

Game Mechanics

As in all space shooters, you only have to control your avatar as it keeps firing its guns to send all your enemies back from where they came from. Most of the enemies you encounter are harmless and only hurt you if you collide directly into them but as you progress into the game you will encounter more and more enemies who also have the ability to shoot. Each enemy you shoot down drops a hate coin and the more than occasional power-ups. These power-ups mostly include shields or a one-time discharge of bullets all around you. As you kill more and more enemies, your special ability bar starts to fill up. After it has been filled, you can unleash your special ability to cause random damage across the screen. Unlike many other space shooters, the special ability in this game does not clear the screen of all enemies.

2At the end of each stage, you can use all of your collected hate coins to purchase different upgrades for your ship. These upgrades usually enhance different aspects of your avatar such as its firing power, its health, its speed, its attack damage etc.

The game can be played in either a single player or a two player mode. In the two player mode, both players share the same screen and must push forward by co-operating with each other.

The controls of the game are pretty simple. The first player can move his avatar by using the mouse while the second player has to use the WASD keys. Both players share the same special attack button that is set by default at the spacebar key.

The only redemptive feature about the game is its graphics. The developers have stayed true to the 8-bit era and paid their homage to it. The fact that most of the enemies just are too random and crazy is another topic entirely.


All in all, the game offers a good source of entertainment along with a refresher of age old nostalgic memories. Sure, the game does tend to get a little bit repetitive and boring at times and that’s a huge draw back for it but at the very least it can provide for a few minutes of fun for you and your friend.

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