Run With It

Run With It game review

Get to the middle of the screen where a magic chilly feelings, shaped as over-sized ice cream cup, awaits the bravest conqueror! Can you handle the competition as you get the ice cream and Run With It, escaping everyone that tries to claim it. Featuring four different stages on which you can play as amateur, advanced or pro runner, up to four different runners to play with and one super tasty ice cream that rewards your effort. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD to move, jump and double jump. Player 2: Arrow keys to move, jump and double jump. P to pause the game, R to restart the current stage.

Run With It game review

A new concept of saving your ice cream may seem a little too kiddish at the outset, but you have a very challenging game at your hands when you are playing Run with it. This 2 player action lets you not only choose your favourite ice cream but also have it or shall we say run with it. This 2 player game has more challenges than you can actually imagine reading the game title. Use simple controls of WASD/arrow keys to move, jump and double jump.

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It may not entice you try this game because the title is pretty inane. But get this, there is an unspeakable challenge in the game that lets you to add a greater level of challenge. To grab your ice cream and run with it, avoiding obstacles and saving it from all the people who are waiting to claim that is rightfully yours. You are faced with 4 stages and difficulty levels of amateur, advanced or a pro runner if you are up for some greater challenge. You can also play with 4 different runners for greater excitement in the game. Keep running and save your ice cream to get rewarded by this tasty treat after you win this game.


A very inane game play but as you start playing you will amazed at the level of challenges and such action to keep you going. You will be hardly bored with what this game has to offer. The game play is definitely different and then it is also 2 player. When did a game with your buddy ever get boring? You can actually make any game interesting as far as you have a challenge from a friend. So don’t go by the title of the game and keep an open mind in trying this one. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the graphics and appropriate game play to hook you on to it nevertheless. So what are you waiting for? How about some challenge while eating your favorite ice cream and that too won in a victory over a friend?

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