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Recall the old classic days by endlessly playing those epic running-based 2 player games! Presented in recognizable and most nostalgic 8-bit style, filled with dangerous flying enemies, lots of floating coins and some really big creatures, from today on, you can become the best Retro Runner our there! Prepare the keyboard, adjust the jumping intuition, call your best friend and enjoy playing this new 2 players running game! How long can you run, or more important, how much score can you get? Give it a try and find out!

Player 1: Up arrow key to jump and double jump, Right arrow key to slide/dash forward. Player 2: W to jump and double jump, D to slide/dash forward. P to pause the current game.

Go Back In Time With Retro Runner!

Players these days tend to get nostalgic about the days and the games that have passed them by. There is a certain magic to the games we used to play years back and it is now being revived by online games and flash games. One of these games happens to be Retro Runner. A simple yet interesting two-player game, it has been designed in order to bring out the nostalgia and use it to try and set the best score possible.

There were days when such games were played in arcades, but now they are available to anybody and everybody that wants them


Retro Runner inspires a sense of going back in time by the name alone. However, the look and design of the game simply add to the feeling. Designed in the old 8-bit style, it requires players to collect coins that are floating about. Players must also avoid enemies of different kinds before they can proceed. Some of these enemies have learnt flying. There are also some behemoths that must be battled, along with a few smaller villains lurking in the shadows.

It is best to go with gut feeling in Retro Runner, as it sure to lead players down the right path. It is an adventure game, with an added element on running endlessly. The graphics are perfect for the theme, as is the music. There are two modes available on the game. The first is the single-player mode and the second the tw0-player mode, which is definitely more fun.


The controls in Retro Runner are fairly simple. There is not much thinking required, so just let the fingers do their job the best that they can.

Player one can use the Up arrow key in order to jump. Double pressing it allows players to double jump.

  • Player two can use the W key to do the same.
  • Player one can use the Right arrow key to slide or dash forward.
  • Player two can use the D key for the same purpose.
  • The P key pauses the current game.
  • The M key mutes the game.
  • The Esc key exits the game.


The game deserves three out of five stars, making it an average on the scale. There is nothing truly stunning about the game as such, but Retro Runner could definitely be a memorable game with a few fixes here and there.

  • The first star is for the gameplay and character design. Both of these stand out and leave their impression
  • The second is for the classic appeal of the game, making it one that will endure for years to come.
  • The third star is for the graphics and music, both of which are at par with each other and deserve a compliment.

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