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Rainbow Drops game review

Feel the power of love as you collect the rainbow hearts which will boost your speed up to the max! Call your best friend and both together enjoy competing in collecting Rainbow Drops, avoiding solid clusters or bombs while creating your own running path! Wrapped in cute music for kids, styled in never-out of fashion pixelated graphics, challenged with competitive running game play, Rainbow Drops is the 2 players game you need to enjoy sharing and playing with your closest friends! Have fun!

Player 1: Up/Down arrow keys to move up/down, Player 2: W/S to move up/down. P to pause the game and Esc to end the current game.

Love Is In The Air With Rainbow Drops

You might expect a game with the word rainbow in it to be cute and easy, but Rainbow Drops makes no bones about being cute and very tough to play! Even though it looks like a classic kids game that would make a youngster very happy, it will definitely take an experienced player to get a decent enough score on this rainbow fuelled extravaganza.

Rainbow Drops is all about feeling the power of love in hearts of the characters. However, the developers of this game have shown no such mercy and add many twists and turns that require practice and constant vigilance in order to overcome. Take note of it, because the game is a definite gem in the universe of multiple adventure based flash games.


Players start off on a simple platform that is being drawn by a red heart. On the top of the screen is a speed meter, which stays at 5 mph so long as the platform stays straight. Players can move the heart up or down in order to reach the Rainbow Drops. However, the speed starts to increase when the players get a heart or the platform goes up or down. Moving faster means getting a higher score but also creates the risk of crashing into a bomb!

The game warns players about the distance left to cover before reaching a rainbow drop or bomb. It is best to avoid large clusters of the drops, since it will increase the speed to a level where it is too fast to see any incoming bombs and change direction. However, experienced players can overcome this issue with some time and rigorous practice. Being able to create a running path is always an interesting experience and opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

And what better what to explore all those with a friend in the two-player mode? Other than that, the graphics are stellar and well suited in the 8-bit avatar. The music might get to be a little distracting, so muting it might be a good way to go.


Rainbow Drops has a very easy control scheme that barely takes a minute to master. But to employ it in a manner that prevents explosions is what counts and that can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a long hour.

  • Player one can use the Up and Down arrow keys to move the read heart.
  • Player two can use the W and S key for the same.
  • The P key pauses the game.
  • The M key mutes the game.
  • The Esc key exists the game.


Rainbow drops definitely deserves a cluster of stars and gets four for all the effort. There is plenty about the game that players of all ages will like.

Star number one is for difficulty level and the skills required for crossing it. The second star is for the graphics, which create quite the booby trap for new players. Star number three is for the refreshing pace and challenge. Finally, the fourth star is for the enjoyable experience that is Rainbow Drops!

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