Nadia’s Rage

Nadia’s Rage game review

Feel the wrath of Nadia as she uses bloodust rage to fed up her soul and make her fast-paced journey to be deadly and chaotic! The key rule for lasting as long as possible, is to keep the rage bar to the max and you can do that by collecting floating red hearts, slashing your way thru ugly monsters and annoying zombies, or bashing explosives to trigger devastating explosions! Have fun!

Player 1: W and S to attack. Player 2: Up and Down arrow keys to attack. P to pause and M to mute sound.

Feel The Wrath of Nadia’s Rage

Bloodlust is a trait usually seen in the leading men of a number of video games. A checkered past combined with a mission in front of them means the highest killing score possible. But the makers of Nadia’s Rage remember that ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. It is not quite clear whom or what scorned our heroine Nadia, but her rage has been boiling up ever since.

Women are not often seen in video games as the leading lady of a game that has to do with violent frenzies. This makes Nadia’s Rage different from most other games from the get-go. Add to the fact that the game is also named after this talented and rage-filled lady, it is a good bet that players will have a great time making their way through this.


Nadia starts off on a journey that is destined to be full of chaos and deadly for any opponent that stands in front of her. The mission of each player is to make sure that her rage never dips and keeps her soul fiery as always. Her speed can throw even the best off course; so keeping up with the lady is key in Nadia’s Rage. There is no end to the game as such, only the chance to beat player number two and get the highest score possible.

Nadia must keep running and collecting the floating and slightly cracked red hearts to keep the rage bar full at all times. She slashes her way through the hordes of zombies and monsters that keep tumbling through. There are also bombs present throughout the game, which cause a huge explosion when triggered. However, make sure that Nadia escapes these explosions otherwise the game will end.

Character design and crafting have been given a level of importance in Nadia’s Rage. Nadia is fitting enough to be taken seriously and inspires a fair amount of confidence. Other than that, the 8-bit graphics are used as they should be and the music is composed to match the overall design.


Nadia’s Rage definitely scores high on the control scheme, since it is easy as pie to remember and difficult to master. Learning to master the skill and use it effectively gives players a challenge to look forward to.

  • Player one can use the A key to jump in the air and attack and S key to launch a melee attack.
  • Player two can use the Up and Down arrow keys for the same.
  • P key to pause the game.
  • M key to mute the game.
  • Esc key to exit the game.


At the end of the day, Nadia’s game scores a cool four stars out of five. It deserves the first two stars for the combination of character modeling, game design and the overall experience. The graphics and sound take away another star, while the fourth star is awarded for the quick reflexes players will have to develop in order to excel at Nadia’s Rage.

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