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Mr Tart Football game review

Mr. Tart and his fellow players are back for a serious time of playing football. Pick your favorite Mr. Tart Football player, choose will you play against the local CPU champ or play the 2 players mode against a friend, so you could become a true football champ! The goal is simple, but scoring a goal is not, especially when the gameplay is so fast and intuitive only the pro footballers could play their way to victory. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD to move and jump, Player 2: Arrow keys to move and jump. R to restart the entire football match.

A Jammy Game With Mr. Tart Football

When Mr. Tart steps into the field, everybody else bows out. The pop tart with a thousand different talents is here to show off another one. Not many people knew that Mr. Tart is in fact a talented football player and was almost recruited into the National Tart Football League. Here is he is, ready with his football and facing the challenge of a lifetime!


FIFA has nothing in front of Mr. Tart Football Game. This is a fast paced adventure that requires plenty of skills and quick reflexes in order to make a simple goal on time. Playing in single player mode is the toughest challenge of all because the CPU is a smart cookie and an exceptionally good player. In the two-player mode, the chances of winning are much better if both the players are just getting a hang of the game.

Mr. Tart Football Game is very simple in nature. There are just two players that have to kick the football into the goal on the other side. The two tarts can jump and head-butt higher than most professional footballers and the goals will start coming before you can even say Mr. Tart! Even so, that is the best part of the game and the slight frustration at being defeated by a pink colored pop tart will drive most players to perfect their game.

One of the best things about Mr. Tart Football Game is the use of the design in all aspects of the game. From the starting titles to the control scheme and buttons, the hand drawn aspect remains firm. It provides a cohesive look to the entire game and complements the choice of music as well. However, it would have been a good addition if there were certain skill sets that could be created over time.


Like with the other editions, Mr. Tart Football game comes with a basic control scheme that is only tough to master because of the speed with which it must be implemented.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to jump, go left, go down and go right.
  • Player two can use the arrow keys for the same.
  • The R key restarts the entire match.


Considering the earlier editions of Mr. Tart and the expansion of the brand, Mr. Tart Football Game definitely has the goods to rake in a three and a half star rating.

  • The first star is for the overall design of the game, which brings together story telling and use of characters in a simple fashion.
  • The second star is for the pacing and mechanics of the game.
  • The third and a half star collectively are for the graphic design, music selection and gameplay – all of which add a layer of interest to the game.

Mr. Tart Football Game will have players hooked on to their computers for a long time in the hopes of getting the perfect game. For that alone, the game makes it to the big leagues and gets a double thumbs up.



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