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Are you Mine Hero? Or you are just a casual hero that prefers to blow mines? This fancy remake of the popular Bubble Bobble game, is all about shooting some glowing bubbles that can easily capture dangerous mines for few seconds, granting you chance to jump in and ignite them without losing your life. Try to collect the health hearts to refill your HP and give your best to pop as more mines as possible. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD to move and jump, Player 2: Arrow keys to move and jump. M to mute sound and Esc to quit the current game.

Rise Up And Take On The Duties Of A Mine Hero.

Mines keep falling from the sky, and they will end a life pretty quickly if the Mine Hero doesn’t step up and save the day! With the help of a bubble gun and quick reflexes, players must make sure that all the bombs are disposed off in a safe manner. Somebody must step up and assume the rank of a hero so that the mines can be disposed off in a safe manner!


The idea behind Mine Hero is to neutralize the falling, bouncing mines for a few seconds. Within this time, the players must reach the mine and ignite them. Touching the mines when they are active will cause the players to lose their life. It is only when they are safely ensconced within the bubbles that they can be safely touched.

Players are also tasked with keeping their health bar from running out by collecting falling hearts that settle on the platforms for a few seconds each. It takes skill to keep an eye on the hearts and the mines at the same time, but with practice anything is possible. The gun being held by the Mine Hero shoots bubbles constantly, but only for a short distance.

This is a two-player game, which can also be played in the single player mode. Other than that, the graphics of the game are stellar and actually bring a bout of life into it. Along with the matching music and sound effects, Mine Hero is the sort of game that can become a quick addiction for a few weeks.


Mine Hero requires a basic control over the movements to play properly. One of the disappointing aspects of the game is that there is no control over the shooting of the bubbles, which keep popping out on their own or the area that they cover.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move up, left, down and right.
  • Player two can use the Arrow keys combination for the same.
  • The M key mutes the sound of the game.
  • The P key pauses the game.
  • The Esc key exits the game.


Mine Hero has been developed from earlier games such as Bubble Bobble and takes the mantle quite gracefully from them. For all the work gone into the game, a total of three and a half stars out of five have been awarded.

  • The first star is for the design of the game and the inclusion of elements from earlier games.
  • The second star is for the graphics and sound effects, which do help a great deal in keeping players engaged.
  • The third star is for the gameplay and learning curve, both of which are apt for the game.
  • The half star is awarded for the balance between difficulty settings and bonuses.

Mine Hero misses out on the elusive four star rating because of the lack of control over the bubbles the short area that they cover. Perhaps a sequel addresses some of these issues would be able to rectify all that and walk away with a position of honor.

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