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Marshmallow Picnic game review

Meant to be fluffy and consumed with fire, these two Marshmallows were lucky enough for escaping the Marshmallow Picnic, but not smart enough for avoiding the dangers and puzzles that the nearby jungle has to offer. Call one of your friend for playing this cooperative 2 player adventure where both marshmallows need to reach the exit door. Collecting some stars will boost your score, but displacing rocks and even lifting the younger marshmallow, are crucial things for completing this spectacular journey. Stay fluffy and have fun! Young Marshmallow: WASD to move, jump and push buttons. Old Marshmallow: Arrow keys to move, jump and push buttons, Space bar to lift and drop items.

Off We Go On An Adventure In Marshmallow Picnic

What happens when two marshmallows defy their destiny and set off to have an adventure instead? Simple! You get the game of Marshmallow Picnic. At a campfire, there were two marshmallows that the campers forgot about. Thanking their stars, these two got out as soon as they could and made a run for now. Now, they must try to navigate through the jungle and get all the way towards safety.

However, the two marshmallows find this obstacle course to be impossible without the help of others. Players must take on the roll of these two and figure out how to escape from the dangers of the forest without getting burnt. Marshmallow Picnic makes players coordinate instead of compete, making it a wholesome two-player game for all ages.


As the two marshmallows, players must move from one level to another in order to finish their journey. While one marshmallow is short, the other is taller. Both of them have different abilities, which are revealed through the first four levels of the game. Once these abilities have been mastered, players can proceed to solve the puzzles in front of them. Marshmallow picnic is designed as a children’s game, so the key to the puzzles is not hard to understand. What is requires is complete coordination and repeated practice for perfection.

There are three stars present in each level. Collecting them increases the total score. They do not have any bearing on the progression towards the next level. That happens when both the players have reached a small landing area and are standing together. Other than that, all players have to remember is that they must coordinate on all levels to make sure the marshmallows can pass through safety. The levels can be either reset through the panel or if one of the marshmallow brothers fall off the cliffs and down below.

As far as graphics are concerned, Marshmallow Picnic does not have the best design. Some parts of it look smooth and refined while others seem to still be on the drawing table. However, the entirety of the game is cohesive enough to make the graphics passable.


There is not much to be done in the game except move around, push and lift items. For that purpose, the control scheme is also quite simple.

  • Player one can use the Arrow Key combination to move around and jump.
  • Player two can use the W-A-D key combination for the same.
  • Space bar can be used to lift and drop down any items.


On the whole, Marshmallow Picnic receives three out of four stars for the overall gameplay.

  • Star number one is for the increasing learning curve with each level.
  • Star number two is for utilizing the co-op method for this two-player game.
  • Star number three is for the combined game mechanics and structure.

There is still plenty of good things about Marshmallow Picnic and a sequel could definitely be expected to bring about more interesting levels. Till then, the game does deserve one look and play, especially for the younger players.


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