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Accompanied with the pure energy sword and challenged by your best friend, in this 2 players game you guide your Lux runner as you slash thru overgrown poisonous plants, instantly shift between lanes trying to avoid all incoming fireballs or solid structures, while satisfying your insatiable hunger for power giving gems and shiny diamonds! Have fun running around and good luck lasting as long as possible!

Player 1: ASD to move and attack. Player 2: Arrow keys to move and attack.

A Land In Lux Ultimate Awaits Your Presence

Nothing reeks of power quite like a sword from the purest of energy, acting as a faithful companion in times of need. In a world where the plants have been uprooted and made poisonous, this sword will be your only friend and savior. In the world of Lux Ultimate, the chances of survival are very few for those that do not keep their eyes and ears open. Look ahead, for there lies the future and the possibility of survival.

In this deftly made two-player adventure game, players have to cross the endless terrain and escape from enemies to set a high score. Challenge your best friends in this unforgiving landscape to see who can set the best score out of the two. Flash gaming really does not get more exciting than this.


Lux Ultimate features a saintly character, complete with the halo and wings. Armed with a sword and armor, players must guide their character through the world run over with poisonous plants and fireballs. As if that was not enough, there are plenty of solid obstacles that simply have to be avoided at all costs. There are no extra lives in the game, so crashing into any of these means an instant end. The mission is to collect as many diamonds and gems as possible, in order to keep the need for them under control.

Players are not completely helpless in Lux Ultimate. Their pure energy sword can fire a bolt at the plants and destroy them on the spot. Still, players must steer clear of the fireballs else risk an explosion. The two-player mode definitely adds a layer of fun to the game, and creates a great way to challenge a friend.

The graphics in the game are fairly well designed. Lux Ultimate has gone with the 8-bit look, which gives a classic feel to the whole world. However, the background looks quite wonderful and there is a definite three dimensional vibe to the running path. The sound effects are a second fiddle here, but work just as well for the game.


Players should not expect anything complicated from the control scheme of Lux Ultimate. It keeps the scheme familiar and easy to learn, so that the game can appeal to a cross section of audiences.

  • Player one can use the A key to move upwards, the S key to move downwards and the D key to attack and destroy the poisonous plants.
  • Player two can use the Up key, the Down key and Right key for the same.


Overall, there is a definite charm to Lux Ultimate that earns it a few brownie points. Even so, the game deserves only three stars out of five. Other than the 3D feel and the sword, there is little in it that is unique or can keep players engaged for a particularly long period of time.

For the graphic design and music, the game gets one star. Another star is for the 3D contouring that requires skill to navigate. The third star is for the difficulty level accomplished by the game.

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