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Kawairun is a two player running game that allows you to take on the part of a runner who then runs along a path filled with dangerous broken bridges, hostile wildlife and sundry other obstacles. Kawairun is a side scroller game that is very pleasing to the eye and will keep you entertained for hours.

Kawairun can be played by either one player or can be a multi-player game with both players sitting at the keyboard. At first it will seem to the average person that Kawairun is a simple game, but just like G-Switch (Another running platform style game) it quickly becomes apparent that looks can be deceiving.


How To Play

The first step in playing Kawairun is to load the game. Once you have the game loaded you can choose how many players you will be playing the game with. Once you have selected the players the game play is actually relatively easy. You only have to push one key to jump at the right time to avoid gaps in bridges, logs on the path and other such obstacles.

There are a few different options for how to play Kawairun, so pick the one that sounds the best do you. One neat feature about Kawairun is that you can enter your name and even save your progress.

The goal of Kawairun is to get to the end of each level without falling in holes or tripping over obstacles. As you go further along the path you will find it harder and harder to jump at the right time and this is where the excellent design of the game becomes obvious.

When you first start out you can easily avoid the hazards along the path of Kawairun, but the further you go along the closer together the obstacles become and the harder it gets to time your jumps just right. Just like in the classic Mario Brothers, Kawairun takes a lot of practice and learning the course in order to make progression.


The Good

Kawairun is actually one of the prettiest flash games that is out on the internet today. It uses a great combination of color and form to give a very pleasing view of the game environment. Where so many flash games seem to simply splash some graphics together, Kawairun was obviously made with care and attention to detail.

You could easily find a number of games with the same quality of graphics that sell for thirty to sixty dollars each, but Kawairun is free to play which makes you wonder why people buy some of the games they do.

After you get past the impressive appearance of the game you will find that the game mechanics are simple to figure out (you only have to really press one key) but that they are used in combination with the game environment to create a very challenging game experience. While some people will insist that the game is easy, once they have played it a few times they will understand that looks can indeed be very deceiving.

This game is not quite as fast as G-Switch but that doesn’t mean it’s not intense. Kawairun may not be as fast as some running games but it makes up for it with the challenge of the course and the timing of jumping from platform to platform as the course progresses. Overall this gives the player a very satisfactory game playing experience.

If there is one drawback to Kawairun it is that you can wind up getting in one another’s way quite easily when two people play together. However, as long as you don’t mind people sitting close to you and sharing space, this is really not much of a problem at all. While some people may look at this as a negative if you stop and think about the fact that it makes it easy for you and a friend to do something together, then you realize that really it’s not a problem at all.



Kawairun is without a doubt one of the most splendid running games available both on the internet and on the console. You can’t get Kawairun on a console but as long as you can get on the internet you can enjoy this game quite a bit. If you like to challenge yourself with racing platform style games such as G-switch, then you will definitely enjoy everything that Kawairun has to offer you.

From the well designed appearance of the game through the challenging game plays Kawairun is definitely one of the reasons why racing platform style games are still so popular. While it may not have the same popularity as Super Mario Brothers, Kawairun is just as good as any other platform game on the market today. If you are a fan of platform games and looking for a new challenge then load up your internet browser and give Kawairun a shot today.

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