Jungle Volleyball 2 player

Jungle Volleyball 2 player game review

In this game you play a game of volleyball with cute animals the jungle. This game can be played as both single player and a 2 player mode from the same computer. Collect powers during play and use them to have an edge over your opponent during the match! Click on the instructions button to know more about powers!

Jungle Volleyball 2 Player Game Review

It is a very cute game where you are in a match of volleyball with animals in a jungle. Play single or double player. You can gain power drops during the game and get an advantage over your adversary while you are in a match of volleyball. Falls into the Sports category, this is a surely very light hearted game for kids and adults alike.

Game Play

The game play is simple and easy to understand. Start by selecting if you wish to play a single player or a double player mode. Then make a choice between the three levels of difficulty – easy, normal and difficult. After you make a selection, you can choose between open or closed roof to create an ambience. You have to make your opponent in this match. You also get game drops to gain an edge over your opponent. You have to keep the ball from hitting and you can only hit it thrice to stay in the game. Be watchful of game drops to get powers during the game to fight against your oppoenet.
The controls are very easy. Use the keys “A”, “D”, “W” & “S” to move left, right, up and down respectively. There are separate controls for the second player if you are playing a 2player mode. Just set your hands across the keys to move easily and keep hitting the ball to win the match.


It is a very simple game with an even simpler objective, play your best match of volleyball against the animals from the jungle. It is fun to compete with cute little animals. You can pit a match against the computer or call a friend for a challenging game. Just try not to drop the ball!
This is a game ideal for people all ages. The kids and adults will enjoy just as much. The concept of playing against animals is new and fresh and can be very engaging for small kids. A very cool flash player game can be easily played and needs no big man controls to manoeuvre your character in your field of play. It would be more fun when you are playing against your friend to keep the spirit of the match alive.

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Jungle Volleyball 2 playerJungle Volleyball 2 playerJungle Volleyball 2 player

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