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Faced against total destruction and possible extinction,  the cat race decided to send its four best  cat spaceshooters in 2 players battle against the most evil hamster around! Flying deep into space where milk bottles will save your life and flying fuel is also used by the shooting lasers, you must upgrade your spaceship and purchase better weapons before meeting and defeating the evil hamster boss!  Featuring four different spaceship, more than 10 different upgrades, lots of ingame achievements, tons of mice and hamsterlike enemies to fight against, all wrapped in never ending universe, this is one of those 2 player shooting games that will reveal the real truth about cats and mice. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD keys to move and Space bar to shoot. Player 2: Arrow keys to move and Enter key to shoot.

Galactic Cats Are Here To Stop The Cat-astrophe!

Cats have taken over the World Wide Web over the past few years. Before that, humans celebrated them since the time of the Egyptians. Getting a little dizzy with all the adulation, two of them picked on the wrong mouse on a sunny beach day. This mouse decided to build a secret super weapon along with all other enemies of the Cat that will exterminate them from the world! To save their species, the cats sent out the best of their lot – the Galactic Cats – into space.

The mission in Galactic Cats is to destroy the ultimate evil hamster and his killing machine. Sent into space are the four best sharp shooters, who must come through and reveal to the world the true intentions of the mice.


Galactic Cats scores high because of the quality of the game. It has been designed with care, incorporating four famous meme cats as the main heroes. Players start out with Grumpy Cat and can upgrade to Lime Cat, Business Cat and a Nyan-Cat like hero. Graphics and sound effects are two areas where the game gets it right and impresses. From the intro sequence to the character design, Galactic Cats shows the effort that has been put into the game.

The mission entails shooting down enemies to earn money and collecting upgrades while on the move. The money allows players to purchase additions and power-ups, which help the spaceships to burn less fuel and travel further. Players get plenty of lives, which is good since they are easily lost by bumping into an enemy or obstacle.


Galactic Cats scores a few brownie points by having a control scheme well suited to both the single player and two-player mode. It is quite simple and easy to master, allowing new players to catch up.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move up, down, left and right.
  • Player two can use the Arrow keys combination for the same.
  • Player one can use the Space Bar to shoot.
  • Player two can use the Enter key for the same.
  • Players can use the X key to get bonuses.

The in-game mechanics respond to the controls fairy quickly and even with a slower Internet connection, there is barely any lag.


The effort put into the game earns it a cool four and a half stars out of five. Barring the issue of fuel running out fairly quickly, the game is sure to keep players addicted for a long time to come.

  • Star number one is awarded for the story design, graphics and sound effects.
  • Star number two is for the in-game mechanics that are simple yet engaging.
  • The third star is earned because of the incorporation of real time rewards, bonuses and upgrades in a gentle curve.
  • For the fourth star, the game creates a world that is never-ending but has limitations that neither annoy nor are too easy to cross.
  • Finally, the last half star is for the overall quality and fun to be had while playing Galactic Cats!

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