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Welcome to the world of Freefall Tournament, a fast-paced 3D Unity game that is meant just for professional shooters. Pick your shooter out of 8 highly trained assassins and enter a vast 3D arena where either your shooting skills will be refined and polished, or you will shot on sight by one of your enemies. To make things more interesting, there are special skills that each shooter has, a huge armory shop that sells hi-tech weapons and impenetrable suits, lots of different maps where 16 people can play at once, and much more!

Use the Mouse to aim and shoot, Q,E and F to use special skills, Space bar to jump and fly.

In Space The Only Battle Is A Freefall Tournament

In a time not far from today, the space age has advanced and led to an all-out galactic war. In outer space, the only thing you can really trust is your own gun and mind. As a third person shooter game, Freefall Tournament takes players through a journey where they must learn to live by their gun and battle with their wits.

As with most shooting games, Freefall Tournament brings out the best in the form of weapons and armory. Players will find a stunning variety of weapons available for them, which are only made more interesting by the inclusion of jetpacks and zero gravity battles. However, they must be careful because one fall in space and they will be left in a free fall for a long time to come.


Freefall Tournament does not take much into account in terms of story. Players can watch the intro, which does give a fair bit of explanation about how the war started. The more impatient of us can dive into the action directly and will be able to figure out how to proceed within a few minutes.

Players can choose a skilled soldier from a set of eight shooters. Each of these fighting classes comes with a special skill that allows for some leverage during the battles. They are divided into Shockers, Assassins, Gunners, Techs, Blasters, Scouts, Blazers and Tanks. Players can try all eight classes before they settle upon a style of shooting and fighting. Freefall Tournament allows players to change their class before they respawn after a death, which makes for excellent practice opportunities in each class.

The game runs on the Unity platform, which allows for multiplayer gaming. This adds a new dimension of fun to the game, which has already upped the ante by introducing a vast range of armory, primary and secondary weapons and a total of sixteen maps to play on.


Keeping the control scheme simplified has been a great move from the developers, since it allows for better immersion into the game.

  • Players can use the mouse to aim at enemies and shoot.
  • The Space Bar can be used to jump and fly.
  • The Q, E and F key can be used to deploy the special skills for each class.


Freefall Tournament definitely deserves a high ranking in the league of online flash games. Taking into account all the features it offers, it gets a rating of four stars out of five.

  • Star number one is for the design of the fighting classes and character development seen through the game.
  • Star number two is for the graphics, quality of gameplay and the use of sound effects.
  • Star number three is for the skill development, variety of weapons and battle mods.
  • Finally, star number four is for the inclusion of a multi-player campaign within the game.

Ultimately, players will find a great way to practice their shooting skill sets in Freefall Tournament and be able to battle it out on a fairly large map, which makes all the difference.

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