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Flawed Dimension game review

Two boys got lost in the forest and were taken to another dimension.Transformed into a hideous creature in a parallel universe they are nowLooking for a way home. Those 2 as 1 are now coming through a strange place.What was going to follow is definitely terrible.
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Flawed Dimension – Introduction

Flawed dimension is an adventure game by Black Square and has an interesting story buildup around it. The 2 kids are out for a walk when they are suddenly twisted into characters from the parallel world and now have to find their way back home. They have been granted abilities like one can hurl bone claws at the enemies while the other can spit seeds and create platforms out of it. Now they are roaming the parallel world to find a way back into their home.

Game play

The game play of flawed dimensions is quiet straightforward and that is literally. The attacks on to enemies also happen in a straight line. The game comes with three difficulty challenges to induce more challenge and action in a straightforward game. So change the settings and play at a level you are most comfortable at.
Use WASD or arrow keys to navigate your character in the woods and “X” or “L” to deploy the abilities that you have gained in another world. There are hearts as health boosts available throughout the game so be watchful of your health because if you die, you start from the top again.


The flawed dimension runs on a very good story line which is unique and intriguing. But the developers may have missed a thing or two to justice to the whole idea of being in a different dimension. The characters have inherent abilities that are not very progressive in terms of nature of the game and there could have been more exploitation of the theme.

The over virtual offering is pretty classy and different from a flash game stand point and the idea of being a cursed protagonist definitely strikes anyone looking for an interesting game to play. What they lack in gaming abilities, the developers pretty much make up for it in design and visual representation of the game. This is overall a fun game and one will enjoy it immensely if they don’t see it with a view point of writing a critique later.

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