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Fish and Destroy game review

Playing a specific genre of games sure is fun but sometimes there are games which just tend to combine two genres of gaming in order to make it a little more fun for the player. A prime example of such a game is Fish and Destroy. The game in many ways is similar to Effing Worms 2 but it also combines the awesomeness of a shooter with the endless runner, side scrolling action.

The story of the game is pretty simple; you control an Anglerfish, who must eat grumpy little fishes in the sea while avoiding different kinds of sharks. For those of you who are wondering, an anglerfish is a fish which has a little light over his head. You can choose to either sneak away or run from the sharks or you can also shoot them with the skeletons of fish that you have eaten.


1The gameplay is pretty standard for a side scrolling endless runner game. You are a fish in the sea, which must eat other small fish for their skeletons while collecting regular battery packs to recharge the light on its head before it goes out. There will be the occasional enemies (sharks) which you must avoid or kill before they kill you. You can choose to avoid some of the enemies by shutting down the light on the head but by doing so you will also be scaring away all the fishes that you have to eat. You can also choose to kill the enemy sharks by shooting skeletons of the fish that you have eaten at them. This isn’t however your only weapon as throughout the game you can collect different power-ups which upgrade your firing power.

Since this is an endless runner there is no definite end of the game. The only objective is to cover as many miles as you can without dying. For each run you have 3 lives, these can also be refilled by collecting the heart power-up that drops by killing random sharks.

The thing to remember while playing the game is that not all sharks take the same amount of hits to kill. While normal sharks can be killed by only one hit, there are others like the bomb shark or the devil shark which take 3 hits to kill. Each of these sharks is different and has a different style of attack. While the normal sharks will just swim in the same direction they are spawned in, devil sharks will change their direction to enter a collision course with you. The bomb shark explodes after the fuse in their head goes out and the fire spitting shark just shoots at you from a distance. The fire spitting sharks can also see in the dark, so killing them is necessary.


2The controls of the game are quite standard. You can move through the WASD keys. You can aim where to fire by controlling the mouse pointer and fire by clicking the left mouse button. However, in the two player mode the controls differ from the single player mode as in the two player mode both fishes can only shoot straight ahead. The aim feature is taken away from both the players and player 1 can shoot from the Q key while Player 2 can move from the arrow keys and shoot by pressing the L key.

Another thing to remember while playing the two player mode is that in the two player mode you can’t turn off the light on your head. So, you can’t sneak away from enemies at all. Since the light on your head can’t be shut off, there aren’t any battery packs to collect either which can serve as somewhat of a relief.


If you’re a fan of endless runner games, I highly recommend you try this game out as it brings something new to that specific genre of games. If you are someone like me, who gets bored by such games I suggest that you try out some other game out like Effing Worms 2, where you can not only cause a lot of havoc but also level up your character. If you do decide to play the game, you can also share your scores on your Twitter or Facebook as well.

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