Dolphin Volleyball

Dolphin Volleyball game review

Are you ready to play a quick volleyball game? Then you will definitely enjoy playing this new 2 players sports game, the Dolphin Volleyball game! Pick your favorite playing mode and burst into the ocean where you can compete against the skilled computer controlled dolphin, or challenge your friend in a 2 players volleyball match. The objective in this ocean-based volleyball game, is to force the ball to land into opponents yard, or make him to lose it out of screen. Have fun! Player 1: Arrow keys to move and jump, Player 2: WASD to move and jump, Space bar to start the match.

Dolphin Volleyball game review

Remember how we always got excited about the prospect of playing our favourite game of volleyball in the school grounds. If you have such a fond memory of doing so, you will definitely enjoy this game online with a buddy because this is a 2 player. It may not be like a real time thing, but it is still fun to defeat a friend in this frenzied game. Your match can be against the skilled dolphin which is manned by the computer or get a friend in on this one. The objective of the game is to push the ball into the opponent’s area and gain points while doing so, simple? Well have fun!

Game Play

The game play of Dolphin Volleyball is pretty easy and understandable. You are to hit the beach ball with your opponent and take it into his area. If you let the ball drop on your side in the water or hit it outside the area, then you will lose a point. This is obviously also applicable to your opponent. The first who makes the eleven points wins the game, but then in order to win there has to be a gap of 2 points.

It can be fun to play this game either against a friend or even a computer. You just have to hit your opponent’s side of water and try not to let him hit yours. You can also challenge eight players in a tourney mode or you can also start with a quick play mode. You have an interesting feature of changing the colour of the dolphin when you win your game. It is an unnecessary feature, but still fun and seems incentivized.


This game is simple, fun and easy to play. You can really have a great time in a tourney or even challenging a friend. Try the skilled computer too; it can be quite a competition. The game remind of playing the old CGA volleyball game. The only thing missing or annoying is that the physics is not calibrated like if the ball hits someone’s head, it bounces back and not forward. It’s actually funny to see that happening, but really it is just a game so you can just ignore the slip.

Another thing that kind of was a slight deal breaker is that sometimes the controls can act up. They stop responding, making you lose the game. The music in the background could have been synced but it is out of tune for the theme. Artwork is minimalistic which steals the thunder. But to say it that the game was not fun at all will be wrong. You will own it when you are up against 8 players. That thing is new and interesting.

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