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Collector – New Order


Collector is a top-down shooter where you have to shoot some of those creepy creeps, ew! Bugs are aplenty in this game and they are multiplying exponentially as time pass by. You have to destroy the hives themselves so you the bugs stop reproducing and all that jazz. Upgrade your weapons as you will! Go on! You can do it. If the level is hard enough that you can’t possibly continue, just practice and / or buy much power weapons for you to destroy, extinguish the bugs that do nothing but bug you, bug you enough to kill you. Go on, fight them, destroy them!

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How to Play Collector – New Order

1 Player: Use WASD keys to move. Use mouse to aim and shoot or Space(if 2 players). Q and E to change weapon. 2 Player: Use Arrow keys to move. Ctrl key to shoot. " to change weapon.

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Collector – New OrderCollector – New OrderCollector – New Order

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