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Bubbles in Space game review

Those super colorful Bubbles in Space are created to populate the entire universe and make our world more bubbling. You must fight back, and Bubble Shooter defense is the only way to do that. Three Bubble Shooters mode are here to test out all matching pros out there and shape out the ultimate Bubble Shooter hero! Have fun matching bubbles in a game against the clock, playing out the campaign mode throughout 15 challenging space-themed stages, or enjoying the moment by challenging your friend on a 2 players Bubble Shooter game!

Player 1: WASD to move and launch bubbles, Player 2: Arrow keys to move and launch bubbles.

Float About With Bubbles In Space

There is not much to say about Bubbles In Space as a game. It is yet another iteration of the bubble shooter genre, which rose to popularity many years back. The only change seen in this version is that it is set in space. Even then, there is little new about the game that could get players truly excited about playing it.

Unlike other adaptations of the bubble shooter genre, Bubbles In Space has not made any effort to change their setting or missions. Apart from the background, which has been changed to a space image, the game is boring and hardly affords any interest.


Players that are familiar with the bubble shooter genre will not find anything different about Bubbles In Space. The mission remains the same. Shoot bubbles at the existing grid to match the colors. A set of three will make the bubbles disappear and grant points. The color of the bubble to be shot and the next in line can be seen, allowing players to plan out a strategy.

In certain games, the grid of bubbles moves downwards in order to make the game more difficult. Bubbles In Space comes with an overcrowded grid that does not allow for much shooting or movement as it is. This does dull the game to quite an extent, considering how there is very little room to maneuver. The game is also a tad bit slower as compared to others, however this does not matter quite as much.

In terms of graphics and design quality, Bubbles In Space truly fails to impress. The bubbles look more like shiny marbles and it is obvious that little thought went into the process of designing.


Bubbles In Space has the usual control scheme of the bubble shooting genre. Players can use the mouse to aim and the mouse button to shoot the bubbles.


Bubbles In Space is yet another re-do of the more popular bubble shooter games that become popular on Facebook and other websites about five or six years back. While games such as Bedazzled and Super Bubble Pop have been able to reinvent and stay ahead of the genre, Bubbles In Space has failed in their attempt.

As a result, the game gets only a single star out of five. Along with the disappointing quality of visuals, there is nothing in the game that is interesting apart from the actual gameplay. The road ahead is quite long for Bubbles In Space. Hopefully a sequel will be able to amp up the game a little.

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