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Acid-filled bouncy bubbles are invading the one-eyed aliens world. Grab your harpoons and stand against these brainless enemies as their annoying bounces are not only unbearable, but also dangerous if they come in touch with alien forms of life, which is you. Just like in the 2 players retro game known as Pang, your job is to shoot down the bouncy balloons and pop them in half till they disappear from the face of your alien world. Have fun completing all 10 stages and good luck playing under the timer mode.

Player 1: WAS to move and shoot, Player 2: Arrow keys to move and shoot. P to pause the game.

Save The Aliens With A Game of Bubble Slasher!

In a galaxy far away from our own, there lives a peaceful race of one-eyed aliens. Their world is under threat from bubbles that are filled with acid and need our help. The bubbles must be cut apart till they disappear, else their bouncy nature and acidic contents will first annoy the alien citizens and then kill them all. If you think that bubbles are harmless, time to try out one round of Bubble Slasher.

The harpoons used by the aliens can kill these nasty bubbles. However, they must be deployed at the right time in order to be effective. For a bunch of brainless enemies, the bubbles can wreak plenty of havoc when they want to.


Bubble Slasher is a fairly simple point and shoot game. The players have to avoid being touched by the bubbles at all costs, but there is no other mission as such in the game. Once the harpoon has been deployed, any bubble that touches it will divide into two smaller pieces. This happens till the bubbles disappear completely. However, the size of the bubbles doesn’t matter in this game! Even the tiniest of bubbles can inflict enough damage to take away a life.

Players get three lives and must protect them since they are not refilled at the beginning of each level. New obstacles are introduced in each level, which have to be worked around in order to advance to the next level. There are ten levels to be crossed, either in a timer or a non-timer mode. The timed mode is fairly difficult to complete, but can be achieved with a steady amount of practice.

Bubble Slasher has simple graphics and music, which is neither awe inspiring nor disappointing. However, the acid filled bubbles fail to impress since they rarely ever spew forth any of their venom. In fact, they look quite harmless in comparison to the twisted harpoon that is being used against them. The game is available in a single player and a two-player mode, out of which the two-player mode is definitely more enjoyable.


Bubble Slasher does not have much to offer by way of control schemes or in-game mechanics. Additional skill sets that require more controls would have possibly made a world of difference here.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S combination key to shoot harpoons, go left and right.
  • Player two can use the arrow keys for the same, with the Up key used to shoot.
  • The game can be paused by using the P key.


For all the acid and aliens, Bubble Slasher can earn only two and a half stars out of five. There are plenty of issues with the lack of skill set development and the nature of the enemies.

  • The first star is for the quick response from the controls.
  • The second star is for the design of graphics and sounds, making it feel like an alien planet.
  • The half  star is for the entertainment value of the two-player mode and timer mode.

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