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Lovely red, green, orange and even transparent bubbles are floating around platforms, flying thru ghosts and anxietly awaiting for a brave hero to come and pop them all. Welcome to Bubble Pop, a funky flash game for kids where you and your buddy could play a 2 players game of popping balloons, avoiding ghosts and jumping around! To simplify your job, occasionally there will be explosive bombs that will eliminate all ghosts on screen, or red hearts that will refill your lost health. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD to move and jump, Player 2: Arrow keys to move and jump. M to mute sound and Esc to quit the current game.

Pop This Pop That In Bubble Pop Land

There are a couple of dozen games in the market that focus on bubbles and shooting them down. It started with Bubble Blast and Puzzle Bobble and has become an avalanche of knock-offs ever since. From that pile, emerges the game of Bubble Pop. Although it works on the same principles, there is so much more that it offers to players.

Bubble Pop takes players into a world where the classic shoot the bubble game has evolved into a tale of discovery and competition. Bubbles have new abilities that have never been seen before and put together, they create one of the better single player games available on the flash gaming websites at the moment.


Players will find that Bubble Pop takes the best from all of the other Bubble games and combines them to get a heady mixture in a single go. The mission of each player is to clear out the bubbles in each level till they can find the one that contains a hidden heart. The bubbles must be aimed towards the descending ones carefully, so that a lot of them can be popped at the same time.

However, the stakes are increased as the levels in Bubble Pop start to progress. Unlike the simple colored bubbles in other games, there are many different kinds and patterns in each new level. Players have to work towards finding new types and different power ups that will help in the later rounds. Each game has a ranking system and depending on the number of points scored, players are awarded stars.

There are stone bubbles, which can pop any bubble in its path. Players will find bombs that can burst all of the bubbles surrounding it. There is gold to be found, along with new skills around the corners. In fact, the scope of Bubble Pop is huge and it could become the next big thing after Candy Crush Saga. The graphic design of the game supports the gameplay and mechanics. They are colorful and bright and make Bubble Pop seem like a whole new game.

Players can also compete against their friends thanks to the inclusion of the Openfeint leaderboards. Ultimately, it is the well thought out progression of Bubble Pop that lends so much popularity and interest to it.


There is nothing difficult in the controls of the game, as is expected.

  • Players can use the W-A-S-D or the Arrow key combination to move around.
  • The M key mutes the game.
  • The Esc key exits the game.


This review awards Bubble Pop a total of four stars out of five, which is quite good for a bubble game. Even though it borrows a lot from the early games, it creates new avenues for entertainment and delivers on value for time. There is little that can be found wrong in the graphic design or the overall gameplay. Along with the story and level design, Bubble Pop scores high on every criteria and is a game that will keep audiences engaged and happy for a long time.

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