Bubble Bobble: The Revival

Bubble Bobble: The Revival game review

One of the best retro game of all 2 players games out there, is definitely Bubble Bobble! Created in time when the pumping and using air balloons was the only way to capture and defeat all kinds of evil monsters and scary looking dinosaurs, Bubble Bobble features addicting gameplay, amazing story, styled graphics and three different powerups among hundreds of monsters and dozens of different stages. Have fun playing Bubble Bobble game! Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to shoot, P to pause.
Bubble Bobble Your Enemies Away!

Floating away the enemy inside a bubble casing has to be the dream of every young child and adult alike. They just happen to be in luck because that is exactly how they can win a round of Bubble Bobble and have plenty of fun along the way. Featuring an engaging storyline and many thrills along the way, Bubble Bobble is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement.

Bobble Gameplay

Bubble Bobble is a popular two-player game and is enjoyed immensely by younger children. The game play has a story line involving dinosaurs and monsters. Players hold the objective of moving through the game and trapping the monster and dinosaurs in bubbles. There are a number of interesting stages that will keep players addicted to playing for many long hours. However, it is definitely worth it at the end of the game.

There are power ups scattered throughout the levels and are quite useful in defeating the many enemies that keep popping up. Graphically speaking, Bubble Bobble has been designed fairly well and can keep up with many other similar games on the market. Perhaps the only thing that brings down the experience is the music and sound effects, which are too loud to bring any life into the game. However, they can be muted if needed.


Bubble Bobble uses a fairly simple control scheme which does not take a lot of time to master. Players can pick up the nuances within a few minutes and then spend the rest of their time playing increasingly interesting rounds.

Use the Arrow keys to move around the game and jump.

The space bar shoots bubbles at enemies.

Bubble Bobble can be paused using the P key.

The scenery can obstruct bubbles, so they have to be used at the right distance from enemies.

Once the enemies have been put into the bubble, burst it to get points and move on to the next level.

Power ups will help in increasing speed or dodging enemies, so getting them is a must.


Bubble Bobble is essentially a two-player game but the single player mode provides an equal amount of fun. Children around the age of 7 to 8 years old will definitely enjoy playing for long periods of time. Teenagers and adults may find it too similar to other shooting and arcade games, but it definitely provides a good way to pass the time. Cutting it down to a few basic things:

Bubble Bobble has good controls and game mechanics, along with a decent story line.

Players have to guide the main character through the kingdom and catch the enemies inside bubbles.

All bubbles should be popped in time so as to get bonus points and move ahead to the next level.

As the game progresses forward, the levels get tougher and the graphics become more engaging.

The game can be played in both the two-player and single-player mode, depending on the player.

That just about wraps it up for Bubble Bobble, a game that is sure to keep you up and playing for many days.

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Bubble Bobble: The RevivalBubble Bobble: The RevivalBubble Bobble: The Revival

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