Box Head – 2Player

Box Head – 2Player game review

This is the most awaited sequel to the one of the most popular, a household name, the Boxhead series. The Boxhead series is a unique take in the zombie premise by using a , literally, “boxhead” art style. In this one, more rooms are offered and, of course, like what this site stands for, multiplayer modes. It’s either cooperative or deathmatch. Choose what you like and have fun. You must grab a friend with you, because real happiness is always shared. Enjoy the carnage, run away from the undead, laugh hard, die harder.

Box Head – 2Player game review

The awaited sequel to the famous Box Head series has arrived. Box head – 2player is a multiplayer action game that can be played either with the computer or with your best friend. This one comes loaded with more zombies, more rooms and twice as much fun. Just be ready to face some zombie shooting action with your buddy and play this addictive game till the very end!

Game Play

Box head – 2 play comes with 3 modes, play against the computer, play coop or a death match where your friend is pitted against you as your enemy. You get 10 weapons of destruction and many more rooms to explore.
Jon Bambo has joined hands with other 3 professional zombie killers. There are 18 total rooms or levels, new age weapons to put up a serious match with the zombies devastating ways and kill them before they cause unspeakable damage. The new rooms in the game gives the players an opportunity to explore more and play for longer, customizable options and also the controls can be changed to suit the players comfort.
The controls can be changed but the default ones are also simple. Just use the arrow keys to move and shoot for player 1 and the player 2 uses WASD to move and spacebar to shoot.


This game definitely deserves to get some high points because of the all the fun you are likely to have when you are sharing the game space with your friend. Just suit the game settings, customize and even change the controls suit your comfort level. Since Box head – 2play can be played by two players, you obviously have more fun. There are far more levels and this game is longer than a usual online flash game which are available online.
However, the only flip side may be the graphics that could have done better and you progress further in the game, you are challenged by tougher enemies, which is good in a way but it can get really frustrating when despite many efforts, you still cannot over power them. Just try to stay alive and kicking for as long as possible and obviously kill more number of monsters. This game can be very challenging and is relatively tougher to end it. This is the reason why it is so popular amongst gamers in the first place.

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Box Head – 2PlayerBox Head – 2PlayerBox Head – 2Player

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