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Bomber Clash game review

Brace yourself bombers and get ready to trigger a massive explosion in Bomber Clash tournament! Featuring up to four different bombers at once, where only 2 of them could be human operated, this flash version brings back the classic fun of playing the bomberman game. Have fun!

Player 1: WASD to move and H to place bombs. Player 2: Arrow keys to move and L to place bombs.

Can You Make It Out Alive Through A Bomber Clash?

Players that remember the classic adventure of Bomberman would be more than happy to get their hands on Bomber Clash. As a strategy game, it scores points for being quite true to the classic that inspired it. Four bombers occupy four corners of the board and have to bomb their way out while making sure they are last player left alive.

With the difficulty level rising each time a new level is introduced, Bomber Clash is sure to offer a few hours of fun and games, but can somewhat tedious after that.


The idea behind Bomber Clash is deceptively simple. Players must place a bomb in their vicinity in order to break through barriers. Certain barriers such as stones and bushes cannot be blasted through. Players also have to avoid the bomb; otherwise they lose a life and the game ends. Under some barriers lie power-ups and upgrades, which last for an entire level or for a shorter period of time. They are not carried over to the new levels.

Once the bomb has been put in place, players have about four seconds to get out the way. Bomber Clash has been designed for both the single player and two-player mode, making it a good time with friends. The controls are fitted accordingly, making it quite interesting. Players in the two-player mode can follow two main strategies. The first is to work together and eliminate the competition and the second is to fight against each other. Both work equally well, so it depends on the mood!

One area that Bomber Clash could have made a big impression is the graphics. The simplistic design does not suit the overall strategy of the game, which could hamper the gaming experience. Adding to that is the lack of new moves or skill sets that could have been developed through the game. However, the scope for improvement gives hope for a sequel.


There is not much scope for a complicated control scheme in Bomber Clash, and the simple controls are well suited for the game.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move up, down, left and right.
  • Player two can use the Arrow key combination for the same.
  • Player one can deploy the bomb with the space bar.
  • Player two can use the L key to deploy the bomb.



For all the effort that has gone into the game, it does not impress enough to warrant more than three stars out of five.

Star number one is for the growing complexity of levels that allows players to create better strategies.

Number two is for the inclusion of useful upgrades and power-ups.

Number three is awarded for the overall design of the game, which is adapted from a classic but, maintains a sense of self.

Perhaps the biggest flaw that takes away two stars from the game is the lack of character and skill development and the graphics. A few adjustments on this end would make the game an instant hit. Still, Bomber Clash does offer plenty of wonderful moments that are worth a shot.

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