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Bomb It 3 is the kind of cute, kind of destructive middle child in the Bomb It series, which runs all the way up to Bomb It 5, currently. While there are variations on the game as well, like Super Mario Bomb It, sticking with the main series is the best way to get good gameplay every time.

The character customization options available in the Bomb It series and Bomb It 3 specifically are not available elsewhere. You can dress your guy or girl up however you want and start destroying the world in style, one block at a time. That doesn’t mean you’ll only be using bombs to do the job however; there is a large range of widely varied weapons to choose from this time.

Players familiar with earlier games in the Bomb It series are going to feel right at home playing Bomb It 3. Even if you’ve never played Bomb it 2 or the first Bomb It before, this game isn’t hard to figure out. After choosing your character from the available options, you hit the field and start blowing up whatever won’t survive a bomb.

That includes obstacles, pots, other players and yourself, if you’re careless. You can’t blow up the power-ups though, so don’t be afraid to drop a bomb behind you if it means stopping another player from getting something good. You can always come back and pick the item up later.

Bomb It 3 is easy to learn but difficult to master as the game just won’t stop trying to kill you. It’s challenging on the harder difficulties and makes for a good hour or two of entertainment if you have nothing else to do.

There is no deep, meaningful story or experience you will want to write home about here, but sometimes the simplest things in life are the most enjoyable. For people who dig the wanton destruction of games like Wrecking Crew or Crush the Castle 2, Bomb It 3 has everything you need for a good time.


The Game Mechanics

From the beginning, you are presented with many choices in Bomb It 3. There are four different game modes to choose from, each of which presents unique challenges and victory conditions. The Race mode is probably the best one in this game as it doesn’t appear on other Bomb It titles, not even Bomb It 4.

Whether players didn’t like it much or developers didn’t want to keep doing it is unknown, but races with explosives are just lots of fun. Playing Bomb It 3 online is easy enough if you go to a few websites; the games are so popular they can practically be found anywhere.

Like other Bomb It games, this title is for one or two players. While you can play alone against the computer and hone your skills or go through the arcade mode yourself, the real fun is in sitting down with a friend and exploding that person into bits. There is certainly some competition to be had here but since it is such a simple game, you shouldn’t put too much stock into any wins or losses.

Nobody is going to be holding any Bomb It championships, but this web-based browser game makes playing Bomb It online a lot of fun. It’s also easy, much easier than hooking up a console to play old Bomberman games. All you need to do is point and click, then start bombing.

Getting around is easy enough and the controls are a flash game standard, using WASD to move around and the space key to drop bombs or use items. Player 2 can get in on this multiplayer game and do the same with arrow keys and Enter. All the action happens on a single keyboard, computer and screen so you don’t need a lot of equipment to play Bomb It 3, either.

That’s greatly convenient compared to getting a TV, controllers, console, video game, converter box and other stuff needed to play video games like Bomberman 64. All the same mechanics are right here in the Bomb It 3 game so why not give it a shot?



While it’s certainly no blockbuster title, Bomb It 3 delivers the same explosive fun which Bomb It and Bomb It 2 did before it. Unlike those earlier games, this title has some unique gameplay which isn’t available in later entries either. It’s fun for one or two people and if you’re bored with nothing else to do, this will definitely make the time pass more easily.

Other, more expensive games have definitely done the job better but then games like Bomberman cost money while Bomb It 3 offers similar entertainment for none of the price. It will keep you playing for an hour or two with ease.

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