Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 game review

In what world can monkeys shooting darts at floating balloons be acceptable? In the world of Bloons Tower Defense of course!

In the latest edition of the series,  Bloons Tower Defense 5 brings the old characters back in a new and updated way. If you have never played this game before but you love Pokemon Tower or other tower gaming options, or even if you just want to try something new, consider Bloons Tower Defense 5 for all of the reasons listed below…



In Bloons Tower Defense 5, the structure of gameplay is very much similar to what it was in the previous version. However, the graphics and the overall look have been improved greatly since Bloons Tower Defense 4.

A player must use towers placed along a course (of which there are many different options and levels)  which balloons float down, or ‘bloons’ as they are called in this game.

The goal is to place a tower where the balloon will be passing in order to create a defense against them reaching the end. In these structures are located monkeys equipped with the capabilities of sending darts out against the balloons.  This is your defense to stop the balloons before they reach the end of the path.

Like other tower defense games, where you choose to place your balloons matters. The wrong spot or the wrong path may have your balloons floating to the end of the path which greatly affects how well you do in the game.


The Graphics?

The graphics in Bloons Tower Defense 5 are much improved when compared with the last version but the classic imagery is still there.

The cartoon elements that make this game fun and whimsical have not been replaced by high dimension graphics, giving it a feeling of continuity. The colors used are bright, like a jungle (perfect for a monkey, eh?), and the deep green hues are amazingly bright and are sure to get your mind working and ready to battle those darn balloons!

The balloons come in bright colors as well that stand in contrast to the background so there is no doubt that you will see them and be able to battle them effectively.


Game Diversity

There is a great amount of diversity in Bloons Tower Defense 5 that also makes it a great games choice.

And there are characters from which you can choose to help you in your game. From a turtle to a dog and more, these little animated helpers are a great addition that is sure to keep you on top of your game and interested, as each has their own benefits and powers to get accomplished what they need to.

Further, you have diversity in the level and difficulty that you play. You can choose different courses, starting with the lowest skill level and the most lives, and then work your way up. This is a great way to learn and grow with a game and helps keep it one that will last for hours of fun.

There are unique upgrades available as well that improve your skills and also your monkey’s ability to knock down and defeat those annoying balloons as they float by.


So, Why Choose A Tower Game?

One of the greatest reasons to choose a tower defense game is that it combines elements of strategy, whimsy, and uncomplicated fun.

Sure, your brain will work as you figure out where to place the towers in a game like Bloons Tower Defense 5Bloons Tower Defense 4, or Pokemon Tower, but there is not a high level of research or required knowledge that must be developed before you begin.

So start playing and it’s guaranteed you’ll start to learn quickly and have hours of fun, or your money back!

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Bloons Tower Defense 5Bloons Tower Defense 5Bloons Tower Defense 5

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