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Blob Wars 2 Players


Bigger, stronger and better styled, the blobastic world known as Blob Land is back in 2 Players gaming edition! Are you ready for the ultimate turn-based war among all blobs on Earth? Well, this two player game has all the Blob Wars you need to play! Choose your desired blobs, pick a playing mode, enter the vast field and start touching and transforming your enemies into your own soldiers. Once one side attains total control over the battling board, the current game is over and the blobs standing are declared as winners.

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How to Play Blob Wars 2 Players

Use the Mouse to select a Blob and click where you want to move it. The goal is to move near enemy blobs and transform them into your own race.

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Blob Wars 2 PlayersBlob Wars 2 PlayersBlob Wars 2 Players

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