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Feel the wind blowing on your face as you tame down colorful birds and match them in groups of 4 same colored ones. Become the ultimate Bird Runner as you endlessly run over the horizon, carefully jump to reach and touch even the highest birds, patiently glide thru air as you collect the floating coins and having fun while playing this unique 2 players game which has match 3 game play enchanted with running challenge. Have fun! Player 1: A to jump and hold to glide. Player 2: Up Arrow key to jump and hold to glide. P to pause the game, M to mute the in game sound, Esc to quit current game.

Collect The Beautiful Birds In Bird Runner!

Every once in a while, there comes along a game that puts a whole new spin on the classic tales. Bird Runner is one such game that adapts the best qualities of the genres and combines them to create an engaging experience for all. Designed as an adventure game, Bird Runner gives players the feeling of almost being outside and running after these birds. With the breeze flowing steadily, players must be able to collect all the birds they can while continuing a long run.

Bird Runner is not the most complicated or refined game, but for an adventurous flash game, it does work fairly well. Players of all ages will be thrilled to embark on the ride and collect as many birds as possible.


Players start out in a field that will be their arena for the rest of the game. Flying across the horizon are brightly colored birds, which must be caught in groups of four. Simply touching the bird is enough to catch it in inside a bubble. However, this is where the difficulty level takes an upward turn. If the player touches a bird of one color, the next bird must also be of the color in order to make a sequence. If a yellow bird is touched after a purple one, a new bubble and order will be formed.

Bird Runner involves running across the horizon and jumping up as high as possible in order to get to the birds. There are also plenty of coins scattered against the horizon, which have to collected along the way. But remember to careful and find four birds of the same color in a row, otherwise all the effort will be wasted. Players get three lives, all of which are timed. Once the timer stops ticking, the score will be calculated. With a little bit of practice and time, players should be able to set the best scores within a short period of time.

As far as graphics and sound are concerned, Bird Runner has done a fairly good job of making the characters simple yet interesting. Of course, the stars of the show are the birds that are always flitting about on the landscape. While the game has essentially been designed for a two-player mode, a single player mode is also available and works just as well.


Control schemes will really not get any easier than that of Bird Runner. There is little to master except for the exact timing of combinations. At times, the combinations work spectacularly and do not show any reaction at others.

Player one can use the A key to jump up in the air or press is twice for a higher jump.

Player two can use the Up arrow key for the same.

Holding the A key down will allow player one to glide from up above.

Player two can use the Up arrow key for the same.


By and large, Bird Runner gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling upon completing the tasks and is sure to be a hit with the younger children.

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