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Battle Over Berlin


Fly a World War 1 biplane. Yes, a World War 1 biplane! HOMG! That is sooo cool. That is so amazing. Experience aerial combat in its adulterated and purest form. Just the wind in your struts and blazing machine guns! Fight in the skies, own the skies, watch out for your tail. Good luck fighter. Do not be afraid, be very brave, like the soldiers before you, they made it. They made this world for you. For us to continue to exist, they fought the war, now, can you do that task even if this is just a Flash-based browser game? Are you really up for the task? Really?

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How to Play Battle Over Berlin

Player 1: WASD to fly, C to shoot and V to drop bomb. Player 2: Arrow keys to fly, < to fire and > to drop bomb.

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Battle Over BerlinBattle Over BerlinBattle Over Berlin

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