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When heaven is annoying and mankind acts kinda silly, the minotaur gods relax a bit by playing their favorite 2 player balloon smacking game. Here comes the Balloon Gods, divine competitors which use brutal powers for smacking balloons and claiming points. To make this one button game more interesting, aside summoning shiny balloons, the Gods can sometimes bring up a trap for the opponent, a heavy bomb that will blast anyone who dares to touch it. Play against the CPU or challenge your friend in a 2 player balloon popping tournament! Player 1: A to smack the balloon, Player 2: Down Arrow key to smack the balloon. M to mute sound, P to pause the game and Esc to quit to main menu.

Play Ball With The Balloon Gods

While we may curse the Gods, there are times when they feel a little annoyed with mankind as well. The Minotaur gods in particular, find that they need some time left to their own devices. Till this moment, nobody knew what would happen behind close doors. But with Balloon Gods, we can tell exactly what the Gods do when they want to play.

Relaxing by playing ball is the best way to get some peace. However, there is a whole new spin that the Gods put into the game. With their divine abilities, no balloon can stay whole once they push it around. Instead, the game revolves around smacking as many balloons as possible and collecting points.


As a two-player action game, Balloon Gods has found a decent method to keep players engaged in the game. As with the more popular real life games that base winners on the basis of number of rounds played, this game declares the winner on the basis of points. Players must compete with each other in order to score 25 points. The first player to do so wins the round.

There are endless rounds in Balloon Gods, all of them set in a new background. The graphic design of the game scores high marks, especially in the character design. Players will love playing in different environments after each round.  Here, the music has been used artfully in order to fully exploit the antics of these Gods and a definite strength of the game.

The length of each round depends on the players, seeing as how they must reach the total of 25 points. Ideally, this can be achieved by continuously smacking the balloons, but one of them can turn out to be a bomb. If any player smacks the bomb, the point tally is reset and they must start again. Smacking more than one ball in a row will build bonus points.


Balloon keeps it simple and easy to use, which can help a variety of players get used to the game fairly quick. This is good news for younger children, who may not have the hand-eye coordination for the more complex control schemes.

  • Player one can use the A key to smack the balloon.
  • Player two can use the Down arrow key for the same.
  • The M key mutes the game.
  • The P key pauses the game.
  • The Esc key exits the game.


Balloon Gods has found the secret that makes most arcade games interesting years after their release. It focuses on building a competition on the basis of a simple skill. This is the reason that players should play the game and wins it a three and a half star rating

  • Star number one is for the set-up and design of the game story.
  • Star number two is for the graphics, design and music used in the game.
  • Star number three is for the alternating backgrounds and character.
  • The last half star is for the overall gameplay.

A sequel to Balloon Gods should be in the works, if it has yet not been planned. Perhaps, that will bring some answers as to what the Roman and Greek Gods do in their spare time!

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