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Assigned to scavenge the endless space in search for falling stars, the entire Starside Federation is counting on you to become a good and loyal Astroman player. Launch yourself into the comfort of space where you along, or challenged by a friend, can start the hunt for falling stars and prove your astronautic skills by claiming all 30 fancy ribbons. Are you ready? Well you better be, cause a 10 planet space system is awaiting for you. Have fun! Player 1: WASD to move, jump, double jump and slide, Space bar to attack. Player 2: Arrow keys to move, jump, double jump and slide, X to attack. P to pause the game.

Lead The Way Towards Glory In Astroman

Space can sometimes be endless and terrifying. At other times, it can be beautiful and simple to watch. The latter comes true when watching shooting stars in the sky. But in space, these shooting stars sometimes fall and they must then be collected. Astroman features a space cadet on assignment, asked to collect as many of these falling stars as possible.

Astroman is set in a universe where the Starside Federation sends astronauts into space in order to collect and deposit as many fallen stars as possible. Some stars are quite common, while others can be exceedingly rare. However, the Starside Federation is sure that their loyal cadets will be able to find them all and get them back safely.


The game begins with a choice to either go into the tutorial mode or start straight away. The tutorial mode is fairly elaborate and will explain everything to a first time player in earnest. It features the entire cast of the Astroman game, as a young astronaut receives his orders and instructions. There are a number of other characters that pass on this wisdom and an entire story is played out within the training sequence. Once the training is finished, players can move towards their mission.

On each level, there will be stars and asteroids falling on the surface. The idea is to collect as many of the stars as possible. Each color has a different amount of points assigned to it. The asteroids must either be avoided or should be broken apart with a well-aimed kick. They can also be bounced upon, which adds more points to the tally. Players can slide on the ground, jump in the air and deliver a powerful kick in order to collect as many stars as possible in the lowest time. Once they are deposited in the spaceship, the points tally further goes up.

The aim is to finish all the levels and collect 30 ribbons that qualify players towards the planetary systems ahead.

In terms of design and graphics, Astroman excels and delivers a product worthy of praise.


There is a lot going on in Astroman, but that has not prevented the developers from making a control scheme that is complex but easy to master.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move, jump and slide.
  • Player two can use the Arrow key combination for the same.
  • Player one can use the Space Bar to attack.
  • Player two can use X for the same.


Astroman is one game that easily takes on a note of both fun and challenging at the same time. Players will find themselves engaged for a fairly long time and enjoying the experience thoroughly. In that respect, the game gets four stars out of five.

  • Star number one is for the graphics, design and sound effects of the game.
  • Star number two is for the interactive gameplay.
  • Star number three is for the level of difficulty that keeps rising.
  • Star number four is for the utilization of a proper story in the game.

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