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8-bit Dash game review

Head back in time when the 8-bit 2 player games were mean to be fun and made to create records. Grab your colorful 8-bit Dash and slide your way thru this retro-themed and pixelated adventure of collecting diamonds, smashing trees and jumping over pits! With ability to compete in 2 players mode or to play in single player game, this 8-bit Dash is one of those 2 players game that will test your running skills and jumping abilities. Have fun!

Player 1: A to Jump and double jump. Player 2: Up Arrow key to jump and double jump. Single player mode: A to jump and S to Dash forward.
Ready, Set And Go For The 8-Bit Dash!

Old arcade games had a fan following of their own for many years. Even after so much time has passed, these games keep getting reinvented and played again and again because of the charm they possessed. Keeping that in mind comes the 8-bit Dash to add the same dash of excitement into life. This game is meant to be entertaining, playable for long hours and to create records that will last a lifetime.

There is little that hints towards a storyline, but to be fair there is no requirement for one either. 8-bit Dash has been designed to be the perfect throwback to the retro gaming era and pixelated games.


Players have to dash across the landscape in order to collect diamonds that are hung in the air. Standing in between the player and their reward are huge trees, large ravines and pits of death. It takes the quickest of hand-eye coordination in order to smash through the obstacles and get all the diamonds. This is not as easy as it sounds, since the trees often flatten the players before they can smash through and the diamonds are constantly shifting their position.

The game can be played in both the one-player mode and the two-player mode. Setting the high score is the ultimate aim of the game, which becomes even better when there is another competitor in the fray. To set a truly unbeatable high score, players will have to hone their running and jumping skills.

The graphics of 8-bit Dash have been designed keeping in the mind the retro classics that were popular back in the day. The pixelated look adds to the character of the game and makes it interesting to play. The music performs the same function, so muting it is definitely not required.


8-bit Dash utilizes a basic control scheme and has fairly good in-game mechanics that control the smashing and dashing.

• Player one can use the A key to jump and double press it to get the double jump.

• Player two can use the Up arrow key for the same.

• In the single player mode, the A key can be used to jump.

• In the single player mode, the S key can be used to dash ahead.

• The game can be paused with the P key.

• The game can be exited with the Esc key.

• The came can be muted with the M key.


• 8-bit Dash has a number of good things in it and deserves to get four stars out of five. It combines a classic look with engaging mechanics in order to achieve this.

• Star number one is awarded to the overall design and gameplay, which can be fairly addictive.

• Star number two goes over to the graphics, which has been created keeping in mind the feel of the game.

• The number three star is handed to the control scheme, which takes a steady hand and eye to master.

• Number four goes to the playing experience.

The addition of more power-ups and enemies could have made the game a five star winner, but even in the current avatar it can score plenty of brownie points with the gamers.

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